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About Us:

Thank you so much for giving this small shop of mine a look!  Ever since having my daughter, I found it so hard to find local shops in my hometown of Edmonton that carried cute, original, affordable, and fun clothes to style her. And let’s be honest anyone with a daughter (or heck a child in general), takes full advantage of dressing them up as long as they can :) Quickly I turned to online shops, finding my admiration for all things handmade/ethically made. Above falling in love with the shops, I fell in love with the community built around these shops, a united community with no type of competition but instead support for one another. Hence my shop, I figured what a better way to support these shops while presenting you guys with some pretty awesome product. I want to offer everyone who comes to this shop the ultimate, easiest shopping experience. A one stop shop for your littles. Everything I offer I have personally purchased for my little one, ensuring I knew everything is the best quality before offering it to anyone else. I hope to bring you new product with every stock order, and supply things that perhaps you wouldn't necessarily come across yourself. I hope you all enjoy everything I’m bringing to you, as much as I have enjoyed finding it.